You can hear the whir and whiz of the espresso machine, the soft murmur of patrons hungrily ordering their caffeine fix all while Mutual Benefit lovingly plays their spine-tingling acoustic version of “Moonville Tunnel”. 

I was lucky enough to attend the “Headunderwater x Kassette Klub” showcase last Thursday only to be graced with lovely, clandestine performances by Mutual Benefit, Secret Mountains, Holy Spirits and more. 

Enjoy this version - my first ever youtube upload and get lost in gentle, soaring vocals and the soft strum of a guitar. 

♪ File under: too fantastic 


This Wednesday at Windup Space, a bit more info here.


Brendan George Ko, Ablution 2011, C-print, 30” × 30” Edition 1 of 4 (via Angell Gallery)


Blue Suicide, my third album is free to download today via clicking this photograph.

This record represents a strange and delirious journey I took a long time ago that is never going to end.  Some of these songs date back to my first days coming up with songs and some of them are from right now, but I have never in my entire life been part of anything that I feel comes as close to expressing what I feel I need to.

At this point I’m not sure what is going to happen.  My recording equipment (what’s left of it at least) is barely functioning, and there is a bizarre wilderness in my head that I don’t understand yet.  I know I will never quit making music, but I know that for better or for worse, this is a record I could never make again.

I want to thank everyone who is listening and those who have stuck with me from the beginning.  I never in a million years thought I’d see my music on any physical format, and it wouldn’t be possible without the folks tuning in.  The whole planet is going to a weird place faster than any of us are capable of handling, but it’s never been easier to just come together and get through it.

The simple act of listening has done so much.  I hope you like what my friends and I have made here in a fucked up old house with no water and bad heat.  

If you’d like the record on vinyl visit Fork and Spoon

And if you’d like it on cassette visit Wonder Beard

Serfs up.

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