Callum Plews - “Den 1”


Boston’s Callum Plews, part of the Analog Candle collective, just released “Den 1”, the first single off of the upcoming U / Mi (pre-order).  It’s a refreshing melodic sample-based instrumental pop tune that starts off  and ends fuzzed out while the middle is some blissed out beauty.

Sea Oleena - “If I’m”

It seems like I’ve been listening to this unreleased album for over a year now.  Such beauty and gentle touch involved in every moment.

Shallow comes out at the end of September on Lefse - pre-order it here.

Blessin’ - “Greene Song”

Chill stop-motion notebook doodled vibes from Blessin’s new vid for “Greene Song” off of their recently released Do You EP.

Dungeon Kids - 'Twin Ebb Tide'

Baltimore’s Dungeon Kids just dropped this gem of a pop rock album.  Definitely worth a listen!!

Keebs - “4 U”

Chicago’s Keebs absolutely entrances with this minimal yet robust electronic instrumental off her upcoming EP, Awake.

Phantom Posse - She Gets Lonely

No words for this…just love.

Kamp! - Early Days

Polish trio doing hard electronic pop with an EP called Baltimore?  Out on Cascine!?  I’m all in.  Pre-order it.

HOMESHAKE - Cash is Money

Montreal’s HOMESHAKE (all caps, all the time) have a new album coming out in September and all is chill with the world.

Call me - Change

New electronic jam from Sweden’s Call me out today on Luxury.  Purchase it here along with a piano version.

The song is about feminism and anti fascism. And currage. To do the right thing when the world is bleeding, to stand up for feminism and against the racism and fascism in the society. 

Astro Zu - Sungod ft. Tusks

Friday…late morning and still tired.  Astro Zu & Tusks provide some relief with this gem of a swoon.