Blacksage - Sixtape


Damn damn damn. Newest release from Baltimore’s Friends Records. This is some seriously intense and captivating dark pop. Listen to it. Buy it. Etc.

Call me - “Disclosed”


Stop everything.  Stockholm’s Anna Nordenström flat out kills it. It starts off as subtle wandering subdued electronic pop, but her voice pushes the wave high.

Her project, Call me, will have a full LP out in September, but for now…

Shunkan - “Wash You Away”


This is some roughed up and battered lo-fi rock from New Zealand’s Shunkan (Marina Sakimoto).  The guitars are somehow blistering and intense, but ocean washed and muddled.  So much so that I didn’t notice that this track is without drums…totally thought there were drums…but it was guitar…dig it.

The track is taken from the Art Is Hard EP, Honey, Milk, and Blood - get it.



Strange Times People Band, Ura Rider, The Hecks, and Functionary. 9pm, ye$ @ The Crown


Curse, Elagabalus, The Funeral & the Twilight, Prostate, and Truth Serum @ Fifth Dimension

The Bowlegged Gorilla, Noah Kain, Fax Holiday(MA), and Radiator King (NY). Ye$ @…

Yalls - “Warlords”

So sad that I missed Yalls' set at SXSW this year.  Love this new one off his album United out now via Gold Robot.

Wing Dam - “Cocoon”

I love these Baltimore homies so much.  Watching this recent insanely fun vid for “Cocoon” made me remember how good 2013’s Thick Phase / No Splash was - go listen on bandcamp.

rumtum - “Floating Into”

It’s raining here in Baltimore today - a middle grey kind of vibe. The kind of time where if you meditate and peel away the layers you kind find subtle colors hidden in unsuspecting places. “Floating Into” leads the way into that notion/ocean.

Alice Boman - “What”

Cannot get enough of this beauty.

From her upcoming EP II.

Via the always-amazing Portals / Jamie Milton :)

Old Amica - “Old Oaken Pond”

Timeless and soothing vibes from Sweden’s Old Amica on this track taken from their newly released Fabula (out now on Moonpalace).

Irish duo Ships just released a this synth funk jam, “Space Inside”, as the A side of their 7” out on Stratosfear Recordings (the Berlin based NFOP imprint). The 80s synth callbacks are frequent and somewhat tiresome these days, but Ships hits it like few can…so hells yes.